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New Hire Paperwork

If you have questions about human resources, payroll, or benefits, please reach out the English Business Office at

Use the tabs below to explore payroll, benefits, tuition remission, and parking.

New Employee Forms and Instructions

Each of the following forms are needed to initiate payroll for all faculty, staff, graduate and undergraduate student employees. All forms must be completed/typed using Adobe Acrobat, signed in black ink, and dated on or before your official appointment start date. Electronic signatures are NOT accepted.

These forms must be submitted to the English Business Office in 2119 Tawes,, before your official start date.

  1. I-9
  2. Tax Withholding Forms
  3. Direct Deposit Form
  4. Data Collection Form

Benefits-Eligible Faculty, Staff, and Graduate Students

Faculty and staff with appointments of at least 50% FTE, and graduate/teaching assistants with half- or full-time appointments, are eligible to enroll in benefits within 60 days of their initial date of employment.

You will receive a series of emails from the State that will include your user name (known as a “W” number) and a temporary password. Once you receive this information you will be able to enroll in benefits. Please note that these emails can take up to 30 days from your start date to be sent to you. This process cannot be expedited in any way. If you miss that timeframe, you will have to wait until open enrollment for the next calendar year (normally in October).

In advance of receiving those emails, please review the following website with information about benefits, including plan options and costs:

Retirement Plans

Regular status faculty and exempt staff are eligible for one of two retirement programs:

  1. State Retirement and Pension System (SRPS)
  2. Optional Retirement Programs (ORP)

Non-exempt, regular status staff are required to participate in the State Retirement and Pension System.

Enrollment forms for each program are linked above. Paperwork must be dated on or before your official appointment start date and must be submitted to the English Business Office in 2119 Tawes before you begin working.

Tuition Remission

Graduate/Teaching Assistants

All GA’s/TA's that have an active appointment in the university payroll system (PHR) and are registered for classes each semester or term will automatically receive the appropriate tuition remission posted to their student account, based on their full or part time status. GA's/TA's are responsible for paying fees. Graduate Assistants must maintain an active appointment in PHR through the last day of their classes or tuition remission will be charged back to their student account. For more information view the Tuition Remission FAQs and General Info for Graduate Assistants.


  • Full-time regular-status faculty and staff (100% FTE) are eligible for tuition remission, not to exceed 8 credits for the Spring and Fall semesters, not to exceed 6 credits for Winter Term, and not to exceed 8 credits hours total for the Summer Sessions for undergraduate and graduate level courses at UMD and other USM institutions.
  • Part-time regular-status faculty and staff are eligible for tuition remission benefits equivalent to those of a full-time regular faculty and staff member, but prorated to the employee’s percent of employment, not to be less than 50% for undergraduate and graduate level courses.
  • Faculty and staff are eligible for tuition remission benefits for their spouse and or dependent children  after they have worked for the University for two years. Spouse and dependent tuition remission benefits will be paid for the first undergraduate degree.

Eligible UMD employees who are taking courses or who have dependents taking courses at any USM institution will now use the new online USM Tuition Remission portal to apply for remission.

Additional information and the full policies about tuition remission can be found on the UHR Benefits website.

Parking for Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff must register/pay for a parking permit to park on campus. Faculty and staff may choose from the following parking options:

Parking for Graduate Students

Parking for graduate students is included with course fees. Graduate students must enroll in parking via the Transportation Services website.

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